“Calizo Makes Life Deliciously Entertaining” 

Calizo Condiments Spring Cookbook

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(June – August 2023)
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You are entering the world of mouthwatering condiments…like no other… new and different…. for people who enjoy homemade tastes, with high expectations, and who only seek quality ingredients. Whether a foodie…. or a person who wants clean and healthy foods… you found a new home with the Calizo family of products. 

We do all possible to exceed your expectations in every way…whether it is the quality of the condiments—no added salt, sugar, food coloring, artificial flavorings, or preservatives…or you enjoy quick and easy recipes, entertainment tips, or menu ideas in our free digital booklet. 

Include Calizo with your family and friends.  We make good food and fun happen! 

 “Calizo Makes Life Deliciously Entertaining” 




In 1624, John Donne, English author, stated, “No man is an island.” … goes for this female leader, too!

I reached out for guidance, inspiration, and support when entering the Food & Beverage Industry. Family, friends, and colleagues shared their patience, expectations, wisdom, and honest reflections. They were my taste testers, sound boards, paid expert, or simply the person who shared my dreams for Calizo Condiments.

As a result, the GOLDEN OLIVE AWARD evolved as an annual gratitude event to thank individuals and/or organizations who extend their strength to Calizo. Simultaneously, the Philanthropy Program emerged where annually an organization is selected to receive $5,000 for a special project to help others. 

What Other People Say

“My husband is totally in love with the Taste of Tuscany seasoning and using it as a rub on EVERYTHING he puts on the grill!”

Connie K.

Melbourne, FL

“Artichokes with Oranges will soon become the number one condiment for every foodie in America!  Amazing!”

Jimmy P.

Miami Beach, FL

​“The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemons is a huge hit and I haven’t figured out if I’m going to tell my friends and family it’s my secret ingredient!”

Dr. Denise K.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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