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Ideal gourmet treat with versatility and mild orange flavor. Calizo Condiments Artichokes With Oranges make a great addition to your entertaining.

1 – 10.2 Fl oz jar.

Artichokes With Orange

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Ideal gourmet treat with versatility and mild orange flavor.

1 - 10.2 Fl oz jar.

SLICE: bake on pizza.

ADD TO: sour cream, ricotta cheese, or cream cheese and herbs for a dip.

Chop into an olive, shallot, and tomato salad.

Snack right out of the jar!

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Weight 10.2 oz
Dimensions 3.0 × 3.0 × 4.5 in

3 reviews for Artichokes With Orange

  1. Charlene O.

    Eat them right out of the jar—they are sooo good.. . .
    Charlene O.
    Boca Raton, FL

  2. Josie B.

    Flour and fry these tender morsels of deliciousness… dip in Calizo’s Citrus Mayo sprinkled
    with Roman grated cheese. Try them as a first course. I was a star at my dinner party.
    Josie B.
    St. Louis, MO

  3. Brianna M.

    Thanks, Calizo…never saw these unique artichokes in a specialty store in my area. Calizo is the go-to place for uncommon condiments.
    Brianna M.
    Houston, TX

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