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January – March 2024

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What Other People Say

“OBSESSED! I love every single thing I have tried from Calizo from their Olive Oil, to their herbs, spices and spreads, to their olives and artichokes! I also love the recipes in their seasonal booklet and fun suggestions for ideas on how to use their products. There are only a few things I have not yet tried and I cannot wait!”

Christie L.

The Best Olive Oil
This olive oil is my family’s favorite. The lemon flavor is refreshing and pairs well with salads, pastas, chicken and shrimp.”
Brianna B.

“The puttanesca naturale added a real nice extra flavorful kick to the chicken vegetable soup I made a couple of weeks ago on a cool and very rainy day. Absolutely loved it.”
C. Kostyra

Artichokes with Oranges will soon become the number one condiment for every foodie in America!  Amazing!  Absolutely loved it.”

Jimmy P.

“The quality of this lemon-infused olive oil is outstanding. The olive oil base is smooth and of high quality. You can taste the real lemon.  It is simply irresistible.  The Caramelized Taggiasca Olives are also perfect in salads! “

Michael F.

“The items arrived in excellent condition and ready to eat. They taste great!!!  We are enjoying experimenting with the spices in various dishes…”

Bob C.