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So delicious it’s addicting!  Calizo Condiments Taste of Tuscany is a special all-purpose blend of the delicious flavors of Italy! This seasoning is filled with tasty garlic, shallot, spices and herbs. Use it as a marinade for seafood, chicken, steak or pork, in dressings, or in a classic homemade pasta sauce.

1 – 4 ounce bottle

Taste of Tuscany

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So delicious it’s addicting!  Most all of us have been there…  We’re in that wonderful Italian restaurant, dim lights, the soft sounds of Frank Sinatra singing, and they bring those incredible herbs with the olive oil and bread…  And in 10 minutes its all gone!  We want more!!  And now you have it right at your fingertips!  So versatile and so wonderful – a “must-have” for every meal and gathering!  1 - 4 ounce bottle

 As a RUB and a DIP

Mix with:  Olive oil and vinegar (optional) as a bread or vegetable dip, sour cream, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, or with softened butter as a spread.

Add to:  Scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, ground chicken, turkey or hamburger.

Sprinkle on:  Fish, vegetables, chicken, pork, fish, pizza or toasted bread.


Mix withLemon juice, (or your favorite vinegar) freshly ground salt, olive oil, let rest 5 minutes then shake and pour on green salad, pasta, rice or vegetable salads.

Blend with: fresh garlic, ground salt, lemon and orange juice-place meat, chicken or fish in a pan to absorb the Mediterranean flavors before grilling, broiling or roasting.

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3 reviews for Taste of Tuscany

  1. Peggy H

    I grab Taste of Tuscany for my salad dressing base, flavoring meats, and a mix with oil for a marinade before grilling…great flavor. Don’t add salt or other herbs. Has everything I enjoy in one bottle… and cost effective.
    Peggy H
    Weston, FL

  2. Helene B.

    I added Taste of Tuscany to plain Panko crumbs before dusting and frying chicken cutlets. Topped with arugula and chopped tomatoes with a drizzle of Calizo’s olive with lemon…
    What a Meal!
    Helene B.
    Sarasota, FL

  3. Charles J.

    My favorite after work wind down is dipping hot Italian ciabatta bread in Calizo’s olive oil with lemon and Taste of Tuscany. Warm bread…hard cheese, glass of wine…music… I chill.
    Charles J.
    Melbourne, FL

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