Philanthropy Program

Calizo Condiments is committed to financially awarding a woman, especially a senior woman (55 years or older), who found their calling later in life to establish or move their business forward. This annual awardee demonstrates passion, gusto, energy, and proposes a clear path to reach their dreams.

Available Funds:
• Up to $10,000 pending on the package presentation


  • Apply – October 1-30, 2024
  • Reviewed – November Board of Directors’ Meeting
  • Presented – First week of January at the Golden Olive Presentation

• Women, especially seniors (55 years of age or older), who clearly define and present their business dreams.

• Apply through the Calizo Philanthropy Program, called The Golden Olive Award, on the website each October 1-30 beginning in the year 2024. Present applications as follows:

Introduction letter (not to exceed one page)

Four-page overview of the project

  • Project Description
  • Measurable Goals
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Benchmarks
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Timeline
  • How funds will be used

The Calizo Board of Directors will review applications during the November Board of Directors meeting. Recognition and presentation will be the first week of January 2025.