Sometimes you decide that there is a special event that requires even more of an effort than you’re willing to undertake.  If so, you might just want to call a caterer.

There are a few basic points that you should know prior to making your first inquiry.

Know these points ahead

  1. The total budget – Know approximately how much you want to spend prior to picking up that telephone.
  1. The number of guests being invited vs. the projected confirmations – You will have to have a final head count for your caterer to prepare the appropriate about food for the event.  Definitely figure on someone showing up that didn’t confirm.  A good caterer will have prepared for that.  They will also have the appropriate number of servers to assist your guests.
  1. The date, time, and location of the event – Well, this probably should have bee listed first. Caterers can book up months in advance.
  1. The event purpose and/or theme – A theme can add a lot of fun to an event.
  1. Is it event party focused on: breakfast, lunch, cocktails and appetizers, dinner, dessert…or a combination?

Consider Renting Items and Party Components

If this event is complex which can be overwhelming, then consider renting a tent for outside activities, a hotel space, or a party facility. Renting space may or may not include glasses, plates, flatware, linens, tables and chairs.

Keep your budget in mind as all these “add on rentals” increase the cost of the event — although time saving.  Serious decisions to make at the beginning of the planning process.

The bottom line is: Know your needs.