The Founder

Calizo Condiments are perfectly made with love and passion by the founder Linda Scalzo Eads.

Food was a passion, an avenue for fun, creativity, and social time! And it’s never ended. Especially the “research!” Traveling throughout the United States and around the world all focused on the adventures of food and entertaining!

Would it surprise you to hear that Linda was always the first to volunteer to host any event, holiday, celebration, community event, party, graduation, career advances and promotions – even dog festivities! (wait until you see some of Linda’s video blogs on theme parties!)

About Linda Scalzo Eads, EdD

​Many of Linda’s youngest and most fond memories surround her mother and father in a multi-generational Italian family and the joy of food and entertainment.

It all began with her mother’s patient lessons on chopping various ingredients, preparing for family and guests and the importance of plating and table settings. And of course, sharing recipes that followed family members for generations!

Grandfather Plowing The Fields

After college, Linda became a lifelong educator – first as a teacher and then progressing into the administration side of education. After earning her Masters and Doctorate Degrees, Linda had a tremendously rewarding and successful career in K-12 and in university settings. Her most proud accomplishment was creating and developing a nationally-recognized one-of-a-kind maritime and science technology (MAST) magnet high school in the 4th largest school system in the USA.

Linda’s retirement from education was the beginning of a longtime dream – to develop and create HEALTHY Mediterranean-based products to share with people like yourself who enjoy bold and authentic homemade flavors.

Thus Linda’s mission – “Make Life Deliciously Entertaining!”